My Love Grows Stronger
Bloodstone - Was Formed 1962, Kansas City, Missouri, U.S.A.They started as the doo-wop group, The Sinceres.
In 1971, they moved to Los Angeles, California.They became known for their funk/soul sound that blended Jimi Hendrix-styled rock music with doo-wop and gospel music undertones.
Push Push
Sweat Til You Get Wet
Wide Open
Brick - Was formed in Atlanta, Georgia in 1976 from members of two bands - one disco and the other jazz. They coined their own term for disco-jazz, "dazz". They released their first single "Music Matic" on Main Street Records in 1976, before signing to the independently distributed Bang Records. Their next single, "Dazz", (#3 Pop, #1 R&B) was released in 1976. The band continued to record for Bang records until 1982. Other hits followed: "That's What It's All About" (R&B #48) and "Dusic" (#18 Pop, #2 R&B) in 1977, and "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" (#92 Pop, #7 R&B) in 1978. Their last Top Ten R&B hit was "Sweat (Til You Get Wet)" in 1981.
Brother To Brother - St. Louis native Michael Burton formed Brother to Brother with studio musicians Billy Jones, Frankie Prescott, and Yogi Horton in the mid-'70s. They enjoyed success with a good cover of Gil Scott-Heron's "In the Bottle" in 1974, scoring a number nine R&B hit. It was the only one of their releases for Turbo that made any impact.
Grand Theft
Milky Way
Let's Go All The Way
Say Won'tcha
Youre The One
Chocolate Milk - Was an US funk group formed in 1974 in New Orleans, Louisiana Early sessions with producer Allen Toussaint resulted in the band being signed to RCA Victor in the summer of 1975, and releasing 'Action Speaks Louder Than Words ' (#15 R&B / #69 pop), which was sampled often in the hip hop era. The group eventually released 8 albums for RCA. Other hits include 'Girl Callin'' (#14 R&B) and 'Blue Jeans' (#15 R&B).
Chase Me
Con Funk Shun - American soul funk disco band, active mainly between 1976 and 1986. They have produced several hit records, including "Ffun", a Billboard magazine "#1 With A Bullet" Top R&B Single. The group recorded a total of 11 albums with Mercury Records. Con Funk Shun was formed in Vallejo, California in 1969 by high-school classmates Louis A. McCall and Michael Cooper. With Louis on drums and percussion and Michael providing lead vocals and lead guitar, the group went on to include Karl Fuller (trumpet), Paul Harrell (saxophone/flute), Cedric Martin (bass guitar), Danny Thomas (keyboards), and Felton C. Pilate II (trombone/lead vocals). They moved to Memphis in 1973 and got a major record deal with Mercury Records in 1976.
Cosmic Slop
One Nation under a Groove
Knee Deep
Funkadelic - was an American band most prominent during the 1970s. The band and its sister act Parliament, both led by George Clinton, began the funk music culture of that decade.
Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1997
Dukey Stick
I Want You For Myself
We Give Our Love
George Duke -  (January 12, 1946 – August 5, 2013) was an American keyboardist, composer, singer-songwriter and record producer. He worked with numerous artists as arranger, music director, writer and co-writer, record producer and as a professor of music. He first made a name for himself with the album The Jean-Luc Ponty Experience with the George Duke Trio. He was known primarily for thirty-odd solo albums,In 1975, Duke fused jazz

In 1978, when I was 17, I was a DJ
at the notorious Sjangri-La club in Heerlen
(the Netherlands) where i played funk music
and I was very proud of that, later I played in
several clubs such as the coconut groove and the sounds in Aachen (Germany),here’s a collection of records that I played then.

Get Ready
License To Dream
Open Your Mind
Kleeer -  was an American New York City–based funk, disco and post-disco band, which was formed in 1972 under the name The Jam Band, as a backup group to different disco bands and vocalists.
Taste The Music
Kleeer -  was an American New York City–based funk, disco and post-disco band, which was formed in 1972 under the name The Jam Band, as a backup group to different disco bands and vocalists.
Kwick - Soul funk band. Hailed from Memphis. Prior to being known as Kwick, Terry Bartlett, William Sumlin and Bertram Brown (2) for Stax as The Newcomers, having a hit in the early 70's with "Pin The Tail On The Donkey". They contributed plenty of background work for other artists on Stax and opened as a live act for label mates , Bar-Kays and The Emotions. After the demise of Stax they added a fourth member, Vince Ricari Williams and changed their name to Kwick.
Blackberry Jam
Leroy Hutson - American vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer. Born 4th June 1945, Newark, wJersey, .S.A.He was a roommate of Donny Hathaway and co-wrote the 1970 hit “The Ghetto”. In 1971 he replaced Curtis Mayfield as The Impressions’ lead singer. He left The Impressions in 1973 for a solo career but still stayed with the Curtom label until December 1979.

Mtume -  (pronounced em-tu-may) was a funk and soul group that had several R&B hits in the 1980s. Its founder, percussionist James Mtume, previously played with Miles Davis in the 1970s. Other members of the group included Reggie Lucas, Tawatha Agee and Philip Field.
Prime Time
Tie Me Up
To Be Or Not To Bop That Is The Question
Born To Get Down
Muscle Shoals Horns -  is an American brass section of session musicians who performed on many R&B and rock records between the late 1960s to the present,as well as making their own recordings which included the 1976 R&B chart hit "Born To Get Down".
N.C.C.U. - New Central Connection Unlimited,US funk/soul band formed at North Carolina Central University in the mid-1970s. Jazz trumpeter and NCCU professor of music Donald Byrd agreed to manage and produce the group. Through Byrd’s connections, the band secured a recording deal with the national label United Artists. Several members previously worked with bands in Durham, Asheville, and Chapel Hill.
Let The Ozone Take Your Mind
Come On In
Ozone - When the Nashville funk band The Endeavors broke up in 1977, three of its members, Benny Wallace, Jimmy Stewart and Charles Glenn, formed a new group of their own. They called it ‘Ozone’.During their first two years, Ozone performed as backup singers for Billy Preston and Syreeta, who were with Motown Records at the time. This relationship led to them receiving a deal of their own in 1979. They released their debut LP, Walk On, in 1980. It was mostly instrumental funk and jazz-funk. For the group’s next album, Motown appointed Michael Lovesmith on vocals.
Patti LaBelle (born Patricia Louise Holte; May 24, 1944) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. LaBelle began her career in the early 1960s as lead singer and front woman of the vocal group, Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles. Following the group's name change to Labelle in the early 1970s, they released the iconic disco song "Lady Marmalade" and the group later became the first African-American vocal group to land the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.[1] LaBelle is commonly identified as the "Godmother of Soul".
Warm Weather
Pieces Of A Dream - Founded in 1975 by James K. Lloyd (keyboards), Cedric Napoleon (bass) and Curtis Harmon (drums), they performed all over Philadelphia as 'Classic Touch', 'A Touch of Class', and 'Galaxy'. The group changed their name to 'Pieces Of A Dream' in 1979, a nod to “Pieces of Dreams,” a Stanley Turrentine tune that the group performed. They were discovered by Grover Washington, Jr.
Slave - The group was formed in Ohio by New Jersey native horn player/songwriter/producer Steve Washington (funk obviously runs in the blood - Washington's uncle was Ralph 'Pee Wee' Middlebrook of the famed Ohio Players). Slave performed edgy funk grooves that rival (or even overwhelm) what is considered 'hard' street music today. By the time the Cotillion/Atlantic album "Stone Jam", originally release in September 1980, came out, Steve Washington had departed the group to form another band, Aurra. Not long afterward, Steve Arrington (drummer and vocalist) also departed to undertake a solo career that produced important funk classics such as "Way Out" and "Nobody Can Be You But You".
Sly and the Family Stone -  was an American band from San Francisco. Active from 1966 to 1983, it was pivotal in the development of funk, soul, rock, and psychedelic music. Its core line-up was led by singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, and included Stone's brother and singer/guitarist Freddie Stone, sister and singer/keyboardist Rose Stone, trumpeter Cynthia Robinson, drummer Greg Errico, saxophonist Jerry Martini, and bassist Larry Graham. It was the first major American rock group to have a racially integrated, male and female lineup.
Hobo Ken
One Way
Slam Dunk
Sweet Thunder - Profile:funk band,Formed in 1975 in Philadelphia, by Booker Newberry III (keyboards, lead vocals). The other members were Charles Allen Buie ((lead guitar, keyboards, lead vocals), Rudell Alexander (bass, vocals), John Aaron (drums, vocals), David Thomas (16) (keyboards, vocals). They released three albums in the second half of the 70's, before disbanding.
Get The Funk Out Ma Face
Ain't We Funkin' Now
Mista' Cool
Light Up The Night
The Brothers Johnson - Profile:American soul/funk/jazz/disco band,Formed in 1975 in Los Angeles, California, USA, led by brothers George Johnson and Louis Johnson. Initially their line-up also included their cousin Alex Weir.
They both started their careers as backing musicians of Bobby Womack, Billy Preston, et al., before later going it alone under the guidance of producer Quincy Jones, who brought them to prominence using them on his own album "Mellow Madness" (1975).They recorded eight albums between 1976 and 1988, and are most famous for their disco smash "Stomp!" (1980), and their cover of the Shuggie Otis classic "Strawberry Letter #23" (1977).
In The Way
Real Love
Lovers Forever
P.O. Box 2000
I'll Give It Up
The Isley Brothers - Profile:American R&B/soul group from Cincinnati, Ohio, established in the early 1950s. O’Kelly Isley, Rudolph Isley, Ronald Isley and Vernon Isley (died 1956 in automobile accident) comprised the original group. They released their early hit “Shout!” in 1959. In 1963 they started own label T-Neck, and added a young Jimi Hendrix on lead guitar. In 1965 they signed on to Motown where they recorded “This Old Heart Of Mine”. They left Motown in 1968 and re-launched the T-Neck label in 1969 when they released “It's Your Thing”. In 1973 they added the younger brothers Ernie and Marvin Isley, as well as O’Kelly's brother-in-law Chris Jasper to their regular lineup.
People of Today
The Pride
Winner Takes It All
Fight The Power
Live It Up
Lost In Your Love
Caravan Of Love
Koolin' Out
Groove With You
Just Came Here to Chil
We Call It The Box
Summer Fun
Bill Summers -  (b. May 20, 1948) is a New Orleans based Afro-Cuban jazz/Latin jazz percussionist, a multi-instrumentalist who plays primarily on conga drums. Summers is probably most well known due to his work with Los Hombres Calientes along with his friend and co-leader of the group, trumpeter Irvin Mayfield.
We Got a Way
Seawind - were an American jazz fusion funk band from Hawaii, consisted of its lead singer Pauline Wilson, guitarist Bud Nuañez, bassist Ken Wild, drummer Bob Wilson, keyboardist and saxophonist Larry Williams, saxophone and flute player Kim Hutchcroft, and trumpeter Jerry Hey. They recorded two albums for CTI Records, one for Horizon Records and one for A&M Records.
Angel Of Mercy
People Say
The Meters - Considered by many to be the founding fathers of funk, The Meters created a unique sound that lasted through the sixties and seventies and was reborn in the late eighties. Their trademark sound blends funk, blues, and dance grooves with a New Orleans vibe.
The history of this native New Orleans band dates back to 1965, when keyboardist & vocalist Art Neville recruited bassist George Porter Jr., drummer Joseph 'Zigaboo' Modeliste and guitarist Leo Nocentelli to form The Meters.
Rock Creek Park
Gut Level
Happy Music
Time Is Movin
Unfinished Business
The Blackbyrds - The group was inspired by trumpeter Donald Byrd and featured some of his Howard University students: Kevin Toney (keyboards), Keith Killgo (vocals, drums), Joe Hall (bass guitar), Allan Barnes (saxophone, clarinet), and Barney Perry (guitar). Orville Saunders (guitar), and Jay Jones (flute, saxophone) joined later. On "Rock Creek Park" and "Happy Music", Merry Clayton joined them on vocals.[2] They signed to Fantasy Records in 1973. Their 1975 hit "Walking in Rhythm" received a Grammy nomination and sold over one million copies by May 1975. It was later awarded a gold disc.
Get Down
Theme Song
On The Money
Waiting At The Bus Stop
The Kay-Gees - were an American funk and disco group during the 1970s, protégés of Kool & the Gang. The group featured Amir Bayyan (Kevin Bell), younger brother to Kool & the Gang's Robert "Kool" Bell and Ronald Bell (Khalis Bayyan), who subsequently joined his brothers in Kool & the Gang, as well as Kevin Lassiter, Michael Cheek, Callie Cheek, Dennis White, Fernando Arocho, Greg Radford, Huey Harris, Peter Duarte, Ray Wright and Wilson Becket.
The Institute
The Funk If I Know
Lady Voo Doo
Gangster Of Love
Booty Ooty
Ain't That A Bitch
Johnny Guitar Watson - John Watson Jr. (February 3, 1935 – May 17, 1996),[1] known professionally as Johnny "Guitar" Watson, was an American blues, soul, R&B, rock and roll and funk musician and singer-songwriter.[2] A flamboyant showman and electric guitarist in the style of T-Bone Walker, Watson recorded throughout the 1950s and 1960s with some success. His creative reinvention in the 1970s with funk overtones, saw Watson have hits with "Ain't That a Bitch" and "Superman Lover". His successful recording career spanned forty years, with his highest chart appearance being the 1977 song "A Real Mother For Ya".
Good,Good Feeling
War Is Coming, War Is Coming
War -  (originally called Eric Burdon and War) is an American funk band from Long Beach, California, known for several hit songs (including "Spill the Wine", "The World Is a Ghetto", "The Cisco Kid", "Why Can't We Be Friends?", "Low Rider", and "Summer").[5][6] Formed in 1969, War is a musical crossover band that fuses elements of rock, funk, jazz, Latin, rhythm and blues, and reggae
More Bounce to the Ounce
Computer Love
I Want To Be Your Man
Zapp - The nucleus of Zapp circled around three of the five Troutman brothers: Lester, Larry and their younger brother Roger. The duo of Lester and Roger started several groups including "Lil" Roger And His Fabulous Vels. Larry eventually joined his brothers when their name became Roger & The Human Body, which also included youngest brother Terry and Gregory Jackson (Cincinnati Ohio Funk Keyboardist). Larry was then the road manager and the leader of the group in terms of all major decisions and connections. The name change to Zapp came courtesy of Terry, whose nickname was that of "Zapp". Discovered by members of P-Funk in 1979, the funk collective's leader George Clinton signed them to his Uncle Jam Records.
Mandrill is an American funk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. AllMusic called them "One of funk's most progressive outfits... [with an] expansive, eclectic vision.Mandrill is an American funk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. AllMusic called them "One of funk's most progressive outfits... [with an] expansive, eclectic vision.Mandrill is an American funk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. AllMusic called them "One of funk's most progressive outfits... [with an] expansive, eclectic vision.Mandrill is an American funk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson. AllMusic called them "One of funk's most progressive outfits... [with an] expansive, eclectic vision.
Mandrill - is an American funk band from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 1968 by brothers Carlos, Lou, and Ric Wilson.The Wilson brothers were born in Panama and grew up in the Bedford–Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. With Carlos on trombone and vocals, Lou on trumpet and vocals, and Ric on saxophone and vocals, they formed the band to combine funk, soul, jazz, and Latin music.[3] The band was named after the mandrill species of primate, which was known for its colorful features and family-oriented social structure. The other original members included keyboardist Claude "Coffee" Cave, guitarist Omar Mesa, bassist Bundie Cenas, and drummer Charlie Padro.
Don't Stop
Pleasure - was formed in Portland, Oregon in 1972 as a merger of two local bands: The Franchise which included drummer Bruce Carter (December 28, 1956 — August 12, 2006), bassist Nathaniel Phillips, and guitarist Marlon McClain, and The Soul Masters, which included keyboardist Donald Hepburn, keyboardist Michael Hepburn, saxophonist Dennis Springer, trombonist/guitarist Dan Brewster, vocalist Sherman Davis, and percussionist Bruce Smith. Other noted musicians have been part of the group along the way, most notably including trumpet player Tony Collins and later on lead vocalist/guitarist Randy Hall.
I'm Mad
Let Me Be The One
Dance to the Music
Can You Get It
Breakin The Funk
Riding High
Faze-0 -  Was a late 1970s funk group based in Dayton, Ohio[1] and produced by Clarence Satchell of the Ohio Players, for whom it was the front band during many live performances.[2] Their 1977 song, "Riding High", has been sampled by Hip Hop artists.
Midnight After Dark
Love Will Bring Us Back Together
Running Away
Spread It
Don't Stop The Feelin
Programmed For Love
Slip N Slide
Freaky Deaky
Roy Ayers - (born September 10, 1940) is an American funk, soul, and jazz composer, vibraphone player, and music producer Ayers began his career as a post-bop jazz artist, releasing several albums with Atlantic Records, before his tenure at Polydor Records beginning in the 1970s, during which he helped pioneer jazz-funk, He is a key figure in the acid jazz movement,and has been dubbed "The Godfather of Neo Soul",He is best known for his compositions "Everybody Loves The Sunshine", "Searchin", and "Running Away" At one time, he was said to have more sampled hits by rappers than any other artist.
Booty People - General Kane (known as General Caine before 1986) was an American music group fronted by Mitch McDowell (born Mitchell Leon McDowell on June 29, 1954, in San Bernardino, California; died January 22, 1992 in San Bernardino). McDowell took the professional name General Kane in tribute to an officer who had supported his artistic ambitions when he was at military school.[1] After leaving that institution, he formed the group Booty People. They released one album for MCA Records. Mitch assembled an eight-piece funk group and signed with Groove Time Records in 1978, releasing two albums: Let Me In (1978) and Get Down Attack (1980)
Crowd Pleasers - StevieWoods was born in Chatham, Virginia,[2] to jazz great Rusty Bryant.[3] In the late 1970s, he was a member of the funk band Crowd Pleasers. In the early 1980s, his two singles, "Steal the Night" and "Just Can't Win 'Em All", reached top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100. After his brief U.S. fame fizzled, Woods relocated to Germany, where he successfully re-launched his career, releasing the single "Rock Me Baby" and starring in the musical Starlight Express.[2][4][5] In 2010, all three of early-1980s albums, which had been originally released by Cotillion Records, were re-issued on CD by Wounded Bird Records.[4] The following year, he released the album Quiet Storm
Chameleon - was the eponymously titled 1979 album released through Elektra Records jazz-fusion arm after department head Don Mizell signed experienced multi-instrumentalist Azar Lawrence, in part due to his successful stint with Prestige Records in the mid-1970s. After a career playing alongside the likes of Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Miles Davis, Muddy Waters, Ike & Tina Turner, War and many more Lawrence was inspired by his friend Maurice White’s Earth, Wind & Fire project to put together a group that exemplified his chameleonic music sensibilities to the fullest.
Captian Sky - Daryl L. Cameron (born July 10, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois), better known as Captain Sky, is an American musician and singer. Captain Sky’s funk-based musical style, futuristic costumes, and psychedelic imagery are similar to those of George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, and other Parliament/Funkadelic projects.[1] In the liner notes to the first Captain Sky album, Captain Sky’s origins are explained in this way: “Oh, by the way, if you’re wondering, Daryl Cameron somehow entered the phonebooth of his mind and emerged as Captain Sky. Tune in again.
Patrice Rushen -  (born September 30, 1954) is an American jazz pianist and R&B singer. She is also a composer, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and music director. Her 1982 single, "Forget Me Nots", received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance. Rushen had great success on the R&B and dance charts. "Haven't You Heard" went to number 7 on the R&B charts, with "Forget Me Nots" as her only top 40 pop hit in the United States.
Remind Me
Never Gonna Give You Up (Won't Let You Be)
Get Off
The Funk Won't Let You Down

Parliament-Funkadelic (abbreviated as P-Funk) is an American funk music collective of rotating musicians headed by George Clinton, primarily consisting of the individual bands Parliament and Funkadelic, both active since the 1960s. Their distinctive funk style drew on psychedelic culture, outlandish fashion, science-fiction, and surreal humor;[1] it would have an influential effect on subsequent funk, post-punk, hip-hop, and post-disco artists of the 1980s and 1990s,[2] while their collective mythology would help pioneer Afrofuturism.-Funkadelic (abbreviated as P-Funk) is an American funk music collective of rotating musicians headed by George Clinton, primarily consisting of the individual bands Parliament and Funkadelic, both active since the 1960s. Their distinctive funk style drew on psychedelic culture, outlandish fashion, science-fiction, and surreal humor;[1] it would have an influential effect on subsequent funk, post-punk, hip-hop, and post-disco artists of the 1980s and 1990s,[2] while their collective mythology would help pioneer Afrofuturism.

Crush It
Give Up The Funk
Do That Stuff
Parliament - Funkadelic (abbreviated as P-Funk) is an American funk music collective of rotating musicians headed by George Clinton, primarily consisting of the individual bands Parliament and Funkadelic, both active since the 1960s. Their distinctive funk style drew on psychedelic culture, outlandish fashion, science-fiction, and surreal humor;[1] it would have an influential effect on subsequent funk, post-punk, hip-hop, and post-disco artists of the 1980s and 1990s
Shout (Let It All Hang Out)
The Fantastic Four - (also known as Sweet James and The Fantastic Four) were a Detroit based soul group, formed in 1965. "Sweet" James Epps, brothers Ralph and Joseph Pruitt, and Wallace "Toby" Childs were the original members. Childs and Ralph Pruitt later departed, and were replaced by Cleveland Horne and Ernest Newsome.
B-H-Y - One-off disco-funk group by Ron Baker (B), Norman Harris (H) and Earl Young (Y).
Cleveland Eaton - Real Name:Cleveland Josephus Eaton II Born August 31, 1939 in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S.A.
Musician (piano, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, string bass),producer, arranger, composer, publisher and head of his own Birmingham-based record company.
Give It Up
Thanks For Everything
What's It Gonna Be
Yearnin' Burnin
Spread That Feelin' (All Around)
Hidden Strength - Classic funk album from 1975 which will appeal to anyone who was ever into style of groups such as Brass Construction and BT Express. Originally Released on United Artists, this album has long been in demand and whilst relatively unknown is one of the best albums of its style.funky soul from Hidden Strength — an uptempo 70s group with a very tight groove!
The Headhunters - In 1973, the band comprised Hancock (keyboards), Bennie Maupin (saxophone, clarinet), Harvey Mason (drums), Paul Jackson (bass), and Bill Summers (percussion). Their first album, Head Hunters, sold more than one million copies.[1] For the next album, Thrust, Mike Clark took over as drummer. Both Mason and Clark contributed drums to Hancock's 1975's album Man-Child, which featured 18 musicians
Watch Your Back
with pop, funk, and soul music on his album From Me to You. Three years later his album Reach for It entered the pop charts, and his audiences increased. During the 1980s his career moved to a second phase as he spent much of his time as a record producer. He produced pop and R&B hits for A Taste of Honey, Jeffrey Osborne, and Deniece Williams. His clients included Anita Baker, Rachelle Ferrell, Everette Harp, Gladys Knight, Melissa Manchester, Barry Manilow, The Pointer Sisters, Smokey Robinson, Seawind, and Take of which A Brazilian Love Affair from 1979 was his most popular, as well as for his collaborations with other musicians, particularly Frank Zappa.
Shine On
I Am For Real
Mothership Connection
Son of Reach for It
Reach Out
Ride on Love
Dukey Treats
Everyday Hero
Bernie Worrell - George Bernard "Bernie" Worrell, Jr. (April 19, 1944 – June 24, 2016)[1] was an American keyboardist and composer best known as a founding member of Parliament-Funkadelic and for his work with Talking Heads. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with fifteen other members of Parliament-Funkadelic. Worrell was described by Jon Pareles of The New York Times as "the kind of sideman who is as influential as some bandleaders.
Tribe - was a funk group led by Earl J. Foster Jr.Producer Difosco T. "Big Dee" Ervin recruited Earl J. Foster Jr. from the band The Fourth Parallel to play and sing a song which Big Dee released as "Coke", attributed to the made-up artist name Tribe.
Rags To Rufus
I'm A Woman
Rufus - was an American funk band from Chicago, Illinois, best known for launching the career of lead singer Chaka Khan. They had several hits throughout their career, including "Tell Me Something Good", "Sweet Thing", "Do You Love What You Feel" and "Ain't Nobody". Rufus and Chaka Khan were one of the most popular and influential funk bands of the 1970s, with four consecutive number one R&B albums, ten Top 40 Pop Hits and five number one R&B singles, among other accolades.
Once You Get Started
Dancin Mood
I'm The One
Whatcha Gonna Do For Me
Average White Band -  (also AWB) are a Scottish funk and R&B band that had a series of soul and disco hits between 1974 and 1980. They are best known for their million-selling instrumental track "Pick Up the Pieces", and their albums AWB and Cut the Cake. The band name was initially proposed by Bonnie Bramlett. They have influenced others such as the Brand New Heavies, and been sampled by various musicians, including the Beastie Boys, Public Enemy, TLC, The Beatnuts, Too Short, Ice Cube, Eric B. & Rakim, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Christina Milian, and Arrested Development[2], making them the 15th most sampled act in history.[3] As of 2018, 46 years after their formation, they continue to perform.
Space Boy
Tyrone Brunson - US Bassist - Singer - Songwriter - Producer (* 22 March 1956 – † 25 May 2013)Washington, D.C.
He played in local funk bands in the 70's, most famous of them Osiris.In 1982 he was signed to the Columbia distributed Believe In A Dream.His first single, the instrumental "The Smurf", tapped into what was then a New York dance craze, and the song won international club recognition. But when the smurf trend cooled, so did Brunson.
He could not follow up the success of this single, although he did release three albums through the 80's.
Donaldson Byrd - (December 9, 1932 – February 4, 2013) was an American jazz and rhythm & blues trumpeter and vocalist.[1] A sideman for many other jazz musicians of his generation, Byrd was known as one of the rare bebop jazz musicians who successfully explored funk and soul while remaining a jazz artist. As a bandleader, Byrd was an influence on the early career of Herbie Hancock.
Ain't No Fun (If The Homies Can't Have None)
Ain't No Fun
Snoop Dogg - is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, media personality, entrepreneur, and actor. His music career began in 1992 when he was discovered by Dr. Dre and featured on Dre's solo debut, "Deep Cover", and then on Dre's solo debut album, The Chronic. He has since sold over 23 million albums in the United States and 35 million albums worldwide.
Shake Your Rump
As One
Hit And Run
The Bar-Kays - Were originally formed in 1966 as a sextet and their biggest hit was 'Soul Finger'. They looked like they had a healthy career in front of them as a session band & recording outfit before the backbone of the group was killed, along with Otis Redding, in a horrific plane crash.
Hey Lover
Let's Dance
Bye Gones
Throw Down
Tom Browne - Born on October 30, 1954. As a student of New York's High School of Music and Art he became a regular on the New York jazz scene. In 1978 after he played a NY uptown club affiliated with George Benson, he was offered several solo recording contracts and ultimately signed with GRP (then distributed by Arista). Browne played with Sonny Fortune, Lonnie Smith and has recorded eleven solo albums between 1979 and 2010. His single "Funkin' for Jamaica," is still a favorite among dance DJ's around the world.
Everybody Groove
Mighty Ryeders - Profile:American funk group, formed in April 1977.
If It Ain't Funky
The Soul Searchers - Washington, D.C.-based group of Chuck Brown
There It Is
BlackSmoke - One album american Funk-Soul band from Compton, California. Originaly signed by Wayne Henderson for his At-Home Productions, Inc., they went later to Chocolate City to recording their self-titled LP in 1976.
Jungle Music
General Caine - Profile:American funk group, led by Mitch McDowell.They signed with Groove Time Records in 1978, releasing two albums: “Let Me In” (1978) and “Get Down Attack” (1980). The group then moved to Tabu Records. The third album entitled “Girls” featured the hit song “For Lovers Only” which was used by the radio station WZAK in Cleveland, Ohio, as a theme song for their late night segment with the same title. Their debut single for the Tabu label and the fourth album “Dangerous” with many song writing chores, were done by Johnny Guitar Carson.
Bite Your Granny
Morning, Noon & Night - Profile:Morning Noon and Night were a six piece group who released one album for the United Artists subsidiary Roadshow Record label in 1977.
Ripple - was an American funk band from Michigan. The group was signed to GRC Records and Salsoul Records in the 1970s, and scored several hit singles.
Joe Quarterman -  (or Sir Joe Quarterman And Free Soul), also known as Sir Joe Quarterman is an American funk and soul singer. Quarterman earned the title "Sir" in high school. His single, "(I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind", was also his biggest, reaching the R&B Top 30 in 1973,
No Strings
Brooklyn Funk Essentials -  is a music collective who mix jazz, funk, and hip hop, featuring musicians and poets from different cultures. The band was conceived in 1993 by producer Arthur Baker and bassist and musical director Lati Kronlund. In the mid-1990s, the group became a staple of the New York City club scene.
Kilo - American Funk Disco Band : Members:Jasper "Jabbo" Phillips, Perry Michael Allen, Ray Griffin, Terry Royce Johnson, Wendell P. Moore. 
Father's Children - Members:Hakeem Abdul Ghani, Khalik Adbul Hanif, Malik Abdul Khabir, Qadir Abdul Mateen, Raheem Abdul Khabir, Sadik Abdul Hagg, Tony Vaughn, Yah Yah Abdulla ,Produced by the Crusaders Wayne Henderson.
You Can Get It
Shine On
The Gap Band - Profile:American disco funk sibling trio.First formed by their father, Pentecostal minister Ronnie Wilson, as the Greenwood, Archer and Pine Street Band in 1967 in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Open Up Your Mind
Skin Tight

Ohio Players -  formed in 1959 in Dayton, Ohio, USA. Originally named Greg Webster and the Ohio Untouchables, it was the studio house band at Compass Records.Renamed the Ohio Players, the group signed to Capitol Records in Los Angeles in the mid '60s. In 1972, the band signed to Westbound Records in Detroit and achieved commercial success, after which it recorded for Mercury Records.
Get Up Offa That Thing
Get On The Good Foot
James  Brown(May 3, 1933 – December 25, 2006) was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician,record producer and bandleader. A progenitor of funk music and a major figure of 20th century music and dance, he is often referred to as the "Godfather of Soul" and "Soul Brother No. 1". In a career that lasted over 50 years, he influenced the development of several music genres.
Rising To The Top
Remote Control
Funkin' On The One
The Reddings -  a funk, soul disco band from Macon, Georgia, were founded by Otis Redding's sons Dexter Redding and Otis Redding III together with their cousin Mark Lockett. Dexter provided vocals & bass, Otis Redding III played guitar, and Mark provided keyboards. The Reddings recorded for Believe In A Dream Records/CBS & Polydor. Their biggest hit was "Remote Control" in 1980.
The Equals - Profile:British pop rock group, formed 1965 in London, United Kingdom.Disbanded in 1979, reunited in early 1980s without Eddy Grant.
Breakwater - is an American funk band from Philadelphia. The band released two albums: Breakwater in 1978, and Splashdown in 1980.
Unnecessary Business
No Limit
Feel Your Way
Sweat Band - Is the 1980 debut album by the P-Funk spin off act the Sweat Band. The album was the first official release on the Uncle Jam Records label, formed by George Clinton and his business manager Archie Ivy, and distributed by CBS Records. The band was formed by P-Funk bassist Bootsy Collins after losing the rights to the name Rubber Band to a folk music group of the same name. The album features many of the same musicians and singers from Bootsy's Rubber Band. The album was released during the same week as Ultra Wave, Collins' fifth album for Warner Bros. Records.
I Gotcha Now
Bustin Loose
Chuck Brown -  (August 22, 1936 – May 16, 2012) was an American guitarist, bandleader and singer who has garnered the honorific nickname "The Godfather of Go-Go".[1] Go-go is a subgenre of funk music developed in and around the Washington metropolitan area in the mid-1970s. While its musical classification, influences, and origins are debated, Brown is regarded as the fundamental force behind the creation of go-go music.
Barbara Mason - initially focused on songwriting when she entered the music industry in her teens. As a performer, though, she had a major hit single with her third release in 1965, "Yes, I'm Ready" (#5 pop, #2 R&B). She had modest success throughout the rest of the decade on the small Arctic label, run by her manager, top Philadelphia disc-jockey, Jimmy Bishop. She reached the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Top 40 again in 1965 with "Sad, Sad Girl", and "Oh How It Hurts" in 1967. A two-year stay with National General Records, run by a film production company, produced one album and four singles which failed to find success
Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing
Brass Construction - Formed in 1968 in Brooklyn, New York and disbanded in 1985.Brainchild of keyboardist - singer - producer Randy Muller. They released ten albums from 1975 till 1985. Their singles "Movin'" and "Changin" are considered seminal in the evolution of funk soul.
Get Up
Please You
One To One
Rigor Mortis
Back And Forth
Cameo - Formed in 1974 in New York, USA. Originally called New York City Players, but changed to The Players after a lawsuit against them, by the Ohio Players. Has released 17 albums between 1977 and 2000. Their definitive hit is 1986's "Word Up". In the '00s, Cameo-bassist Aaron Mills started collaborating with OutKast.
A Good Time Time
Shucks You're Fine
The 9th Creation - Formed in 1970, Stockton, California as Soul Struts, later becoming 3rd Creation and finally 9th Creation.
Young Girls Are My Weakness
The Commodores - is an American funk and soul band, which was at its peak in the late 1970s through the mid 1980s. The members of the group met as mostly freshmen at Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) in 1968, and signed with Motown in November 1972, having first caught the public eye opening for the Jackson 5 while on tour.
Planet Of Love & Hate
Papa Grows Funk -  is a funk band from New Orleans, Louisiana.[1] The band was started by frontman John "Papa" Gros early 2000, developing from a series of Monday night jam sessions helmed by Gros at New Orleans’ Maple Leaf Bar. Gros would invite some friends down to play, and the impromptu jams became a common bond for a handful of musicians, including guitarist June Yamagishi, sax player Jason Mingledorf, bassist Marc Pero and drummer Jeffery "Jellybean" Alexander, who now make up Papa Grows Funk.
100% Pure Poison - Was comprised by a group of American millitary men stationed in Germany during the early 70s. Their pre-disco soul music was of notable quality with a Chicago or Detroit urban feel. Despite their quality, they never climbed to prominence in the United States. In Europe, however, their contributions live on more vividly.
Yin-Yang Thang
Drop It In The Slot
Deal With It
Tower of Power -  is an American Funk based horn section and band, originating in Oakland, California, that has been performing since 1968.[1] There have been a number of lead vocalists, the most well-known being Lenny Williams, who fronted the band between early 1973 and late 1974, the period of their greatest commercial success.
Wynd Chymes - was a Funk Band,The lineup consisted of lead singer Michael Bethea, guitarist Emanuel Godfrey, bassist Kenneth Morris, keyboardist John Alford, trombonist Morris Henderson, trumpeter Henry Clay Rogers, saxophonist Michael Bartley, drummer Jimmy Graham and percussionist Forrest Gordon.
Don Diego - Incorporating a style which transcends and goes well beyond the usual one-dimensional contemporary/urban Jazz scene, Don Diego's music spins into your ear with a self-defined, sultry sound that makes you beg for more!
Lenny White - (born December 19, 1949) is a three-time Grammy Award-winning[1] American jazz fusion drummer, born in New York City, best known for being the drummer of Chick Corea's Return to Forever. A resident of Teaneck, New Jersey, White has been described as "one of the founding fathers of jazz fusion

Warren G. - (born November 10, 1970 in Long Beach, California) more commonly known as Warren G, is an American West Coast rapper and hip hop producer. His biggest hit was the single "Regulate" with Nate Dogg released in 1994. The single was a g-funk track like most of Warren G's productions. He is the step-brother of successful record producer Dr. Dre. According to Hit Music he sold 1,080,000 copies in the UK between January 1990 - January 1999 so he was ranked 92nd amongst the top selling artists of the decade.
So Many Ways
Nate Dogg - (August 19, 1969 – March 15, 2011), known professionally as Nate Dogg, was an American singer, rapper and songwriter. His smooth vocals made the hooks of numerous artists' rap songs, especially in the West Coast's G-funk era in the 1990s.Nate was in 213, a trio formed in 1990 with Snoop Dogg and Warren G.[1] Once Snoop joined Death Row Records as a solo artist, Nate complemented some of his guest verses on Dr. Dre's debut album, The Chronic (1992), and Snoop's debut, Doggystyle (1993).[1] Nate's greatest musical success arrived in 1994 as his cowritten duet with Warren G, the single "Regulate," which reached number two on the Billboard Hot 100.[2][3] As a featured artist, Nate charted 16 times on the Billboard Hot 100, and in 2003 reached number one via 50 Cent's "21 Questions.
Right in the Middle

Teddy Mike -  is a bass Player and multi-instrumentalist, currently residing in Canada. He started to play music in 1992 with different bands where he experienced different styles, but was always in search of the groove. As a lover of the 80’s, there’s nothing more appealing to him than the sound of an analog synth, a moog bass, the slap bass or a funky groovy guitar riff ! My only objective is to provide the exact sound of the early 80’s.
Supernova (Live)
The Motet - is an American funk, soul and jazz influenced group based in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1998 by drummer and bandleader Dave Watts, The Motet is Watts, guitarist Ryan Jalbert, bassist Garrett Sayers, keyboardist Joey Porter, trumpeter Parris Fleming, vocalist Lyle Divinsky, and saxophonist Drew Sayers.Known for energetic live shows including an annual Halloween concert, the band has released seven studio albums. Their 2014 self-titled album was co-written and produced by all the band members, and was cut on analog recording equipment to capture their instruments' live sounds.
Nemesis (Live)

The Cheebacabra -  is a psychedelic funk fusion band on the Mackrosoft Records music label. The band was formed when Cheeba parted ways with the Dust Brothers production team to focus on his own productions.
2nd & Cedar
Always Remember
Sven Atterton -  (also known as AT3) is a musician based in Essex, United Kingdom. He is a bass guitar player and music producer who makes modern funk music with heavy electronic influences.It all started when Sven was around 17 years old. After persevering on drums he, accidentally found himself playing bass with his High school trio one night in their weekly after school rehearsal. He quickly noticed he felt more at ease with the electric bass guitar. The group soon agreed the swapping of instruments and went on to perform in various school performance evenings and events.
Bigg Robb - Profile:Once a member of Roger Troutmans funk opus Zapp BIgg Robb Began his career in the late 70's as a child disc jockey in his hometown of Cincinnati Ohio making friendships with midnight star's Reggie Calloway which led to him being introduced to funk impressario Bootsy Collins and his brother Phelphs "Catfish" Collins Robb first understudied with the collins brothers and was a member of the Group Micowave.
Let's Straighten It Out
ADC Band  - ADC: Aid for Dependant Children.Nine-member funk and soul aggregation.Evolution of Black Nasty or Nazty.Co-led by Kaiya Matthews and Michael Judkins, the ADC Band recorded for Cotillion in the late '70s and early 80s.
At their best, the cuts utilized the funk touches of Parliament/Funkadelic and Slave.The biggest hit was "Long Stroke," (1978) which made it to No.6 on the R&B charts.Their "Renaissance" (1980) and "Brother Luck" (1981 albums were produced by their fellow group Mass Production.
Rare Gems Odyssey - Based in Los Angeles, was an obscure disco/funk/soul combo that recorded two little-known LPs in the late '70s. The band was formed in 1976, when its six-person lineup consisted of singer Debra Givings, drummer/singer Charles Givings, keyboardist/singer Johnny Ross, guitarist/singer Jimmy Gough, bassist/singer Darryl Coleman, and percussionist/singer Tony Coleman. Produced by Arthur G. Wright, its self-titled debut album came out on Casablanca in 1977; when the LP failed to sell, Casablanca dropped Rare Gems Odyssey.
We Are Rare Gems Odyssey